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Ranking on page ONE of Google

Ranking on page ONE of Google

Social Networking

Social Networking

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing



Rank your Company on page ONE of Google for your chosen keywords

For example; if your business is selling real estate in the Docklands, your website will appear on page one of Google the results when a user does a search in Google for "Real Estate Docklands".

Create a positive internet profile for you or your business

If a potential customer goes to Google and does a search on your name or your business name, do positive posts come up? If not, we can help you mange what does come up in Google when a search is done on you..

Internet Marketing, List Building and Email Marketing Campaigns

Sales is a numbers game. Essentially by attracting more visitors to your website, you increase your number of prospects, which in turn increases your customers. To achieve this we will use different forms of internet marketing to attract visitors to your website.

When you receive a new visitor, we implement strategies to capture their email addresses for use in future email marketing campaigns.

Website overhaul

Many websites were designed and built many years ago and have often had a number of different companies or people working on them. This can lead to a website that is close to non functional and very out dated, both in appearance and also technologically. We can do a very efficient overhaul and get your website working with all of today's leading edge technologies.


If applicable we can get your website doing transactions and making sales. If you site already is set-up to do this we can increase its efficiency.

Social Media

Do you want your business to be apart of all marketing areas such as Twitter, Facebook & Blogs? We can implement a strategy to achieve this.

Online Competition Analysis

How is your competition using the web to their advantage? We can do a full analysis of your industry and see what they are doing and make sure you are doing it better.

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